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Piercing by Tajh

On-site Body Piercing & Jewelry in Ormjond by the Sea

Victory Tattoo in Ormond by the Sea is your one stop shop for all of your body piercing and Jewelry needs. For questions or appointments, please call 386-265-5883, or stop in to our Ormond location.


Piercing in Daytona/ Ormond Beach

While we have fought long and hard to reverse the ban on tattooing within the Daytona city limits, very specific licensing  and rezoning laws keep us from being able to offer this service at our Main Street location in Daytona. Luckily we own another shop in Ormond by the Sea that does not have to abide by the same restrictions. More often than not, if you come to Daytona and are looking for a piercing, many shops offer shuttle service to their partner shops outside of the city limits. But we offer on-site piercing

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